Servers usually refer to computers that have high computing power and can be used/accessed by multiple users simultaneously. In comparison, an ordinary computer usually serves one or a few users at a time.

Server also needs to work continuously in a 7x24 hour environment. In addition, a server needs to manage and to make full use of its computing power for the software/applications running on its hardware.

We provide the following services from our datacentres :
1. File Backup Server
2.Dedicated storage for customized servers
3.FTP Server
4.VPN Server
5.Web Server
6.Mail Server
7.VMware Server


Website development

We offer creative web design services operating with high level of specialists in designing website and brainstorming ideas to reach your goals. We understand each company has its own personality and requirements, we are willing to listen your requirements and develop tailor-made website that will fulfil your needs.

 Application development

We develop bespoke applications suitable into varied business industries. We specialized in developing applications for NGOs, Production Houses, Law firms, IT firms and etc, which covers the following types of system:
3.E-Commerce website
4.Virtual Tour / 360 videos
5.Ticketing system
6.POS system
7.Mobile APP



We provide IT consultancy services that focuses on providing strategic IT advice on how to modify or improve the existing IT infrastructure to reach the desired goal. With the help of our team, any companies can easily adopt new technologies, strategies to achieve their business goal and objectives. 



We have developed our own customized hardware for Small and Midsize Business (SMB). This is considered as a Private Cloud Server hosted within the office environment. This customized server will fulfill the basic needs of a SMB, including:
1.Domain control environment
2.Shared file server with permission implemented
3.VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
4.Backup function

The implementation of Evol-Station will come with:
1.24 x 7 support hours
2.Free replacement of any hardware failure within the contract period
3.Infinite storage spaces


 Enhanced security

We provide you with the services to heighten your business security effectively and minimize the attack surface.

Risk mitigation & compliance

Bridge security gaps, minimize lateral movement and ensure you’re meeting industry requirements.

Work worldwide

Enable your remote users to work more securely from anywhere, anytime and on multiple devices.